Ergotest today

ERGOTEST S.A is located at the 18th kilometer of Spata Avenue in Spata Attika.

The company is accomodated in a building of total surface exeeding of 1200 sq meters. In this area coexist the offices, the construction materials testing laboratory and the chemical laboratory.

The testing laboratory of ERGOTEST S.A. is completely equipped and capable to perform almost all required tests which concern testing for civil works.

The organizational philosophy of the company is based on the supply of high quality services with state of the art equipment
Regularly and after careful study of new data, ERGOTEST proceeds in the renewal of equipment, always seeking to the high quality provided services.

Ergotest Α.Ε 18 χλμ Λ.Σπατών 19004 Σπάτα Αττικής
Τηλ:210-6042464 Fax: 210-6042466